‘Our 100% natural soy wax candles are a perfect addition to your lifestyle at any time of the year. Our massage oil candles are a perfect blend of essential oils that are softly scented and once melted produce a soft silky melt to help you enjoy many intimate moments, and a relaxing massage at your home.

Anytime you need to unwind,  simply light one of our massage oil candles, pop on some soft music and let the warm wax melt work its magic. Better with a partner…..

‘Let the magic begin’

Choose From so many gorgeous fragrances

○ Sandalwood & Cedar ○ Fantasy
○ Tropical Paradise ○ Exotic Gardenia
○ Vibrant Vanilla ○ Day at the Spa
○ Luxurious Lavender ○ Warm Mango & Tangerine
○ Indian Jasmine ○ Baby Powder
○ Minty Koala

e-voke Massage Oil Candle

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