So Why Should I Care About Antioxidants?

The Right Mix of Antioxidants Will Make a Difference For You

You will see in all sorts of cosmetics literature this abut antioxidants, and that about free radicals yet they are not about demonstrations that might have occurred in the 60’s, they are about our bodies, and more importantly our skin. So what is this science all about and why should we be so interested?


When a piece of fruit goes brown or discolored, this is oxidizing. It occurs when substances are exposed to the air, or more specifically oxygen.  When steel is exposed to the air, it can rust.  How much faster it rust if we add some salt air to the mix.  to a similar extent this is what happens when we are surrounded by polluted air,  like in any city where there are is traffic, smog and the like. It is a natural process and the addition of oxygen causes a chemical reaction that results in change.  In the case of the fruit, it goes brown, in the case of a piece of steel it turns orange and in the case of our skin it gets dry and brittle.

Cells will come and go as part of the process of life, and whilst oxidizing is a continuous and natural process, some of our cells get damaged in the process and here is where the damage begins.  These few cells may form free radicals.  the freedom part of the description refers to a missing molecule, that then lets these cells bond with another molecule in order to essentially recover their missing molecule.  The problem with free radicals is that they may damage the cells they collide with in their search and this can lead to degenerative disease.  Beyond this concept, it gets way too complicated for us to try and explain here, simply know that free radicals are bad and oxidation requires management to reduce this risk.

Incorporating the right antioxidants into your skin care regimen and also your diet can have a beneficial effect on your overall health and most noticeably  your skin. Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes (proteins inside your body) that can help to repair damage to your body’s tissue, as well as prevent further damage.

Antioxidants do this by retarding or stopping the effect of free radicals, which starts the oxidation process that can as we explained, lead to cell breakdown and complication  As the anti-oxidants are doing this for us,  they end up being consumed (oxidized) themselves so they need constant replenishment in order to keep up their good work!

Which are the best ones?  It is not clear but what is clear is that you need them from a wide variety of sources and intake via food is as important as through topical (through the skin) application.

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