What Are the Five Best Tips From Dr OZ To Combat Anti-Aging?

Just in Case You Have Missed This

We came across this video just today from Dr Oz and have summarized its main tips here for our readers.

  1. Manage Hypertension
  2. Do Not Smoke
  3. Choose a Diet That You Love
  4. A Sensible Exercise Plan
  5. Stress Management Program

You are able to see the video here which will take you to YouTube.

Dr Oz On Anti-Aging

In this video, he is passionate about adding brightly colored fruits and vegetables to the diet but does not overly stress greens which we believe to be a necessary ingredient in all diets. He also reveals the superfoods – broccoli and omega 3.

In addition to the living right approach, which of course we fully endorse,  there are three  factors which we think need extra attention and they are drinking plenty of water,  using paraben free sunscreens, and a good skin moisturizing regime.  Parabens are used by some cosmetics manufacturers as a preservative.  Whilst they maintain the product’s integrity, and the FDA has declared them to be safe, there are studies that suggest this is not the case. Our view?  There will always be controversy, however looking at the EWG SkinCare database there is some doubts about the safety of parabens, hence our suggestion to avoid if possible.

I am a Persian Girl!
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Just like the components of a good moisturizing product, for example,  any approaches to anti-aging it appears to us are not that different from any other stage of life.  There is no perfect one size fits all solution, rather the approach is to be found in a range of strategies, and approaches.  There will always be differences of opinions, different interpretations of studies, and contrary views.  However from a balanced perspective it seems that a blend of approaches is more likely to produce a better result than an overly enthusiastic dependence on a single strategy.   That is why good products, key to any rejuvenating, or revitalizing approach to cosmetics will be based on a number of key and supporting ingredients.

To approach the possibility of reversing aging, or perhaps more aptly put as slowing the cosmetic visibility of aging, since we cant stop the clock, than a team approach of good living supported by good products is most likely to produce the best results.

It is often overlooked but happiness and security are also fundamental parts of stress reduction and feeling good about yourself is a fundamental component that no cosmetics will replace.  It is humorous in some ways, and we for sure do not doubt the benefits of science; it is indisputable, but it seems more and more that the golden rule

“The more candles on my cake means I get a little more exercise in blowing them out.” 
― Donna Lynn Hope”  via goodreads.com

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