• Prep’d 18/8 Stainless Steel 3 Tine Carving Fork – Barbecue Accessories
  • Barbeque Tools- Carving Tools – Grill Tools -Grilling Tools- 12 Month
  • Guarantee, Free Ebook Of Recipes- $2 Donated To Charity For Each Sale – No need to juggle your roast any more-Safe to handle-Easy carving
  • Use to lift roasted or boiedl meat from the grill; from the baking pan, out of a stockpot or from the barbeque
  • Best quality 18/8 stainless steel for durability, non-corrosive and hygienic
  • Safe to use as grip on food is exceptional and sure; Boxed and ready to be gifted
  • Perfect for your BBQ, Weber, Grill, Oven or Cooktop

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Ever felt like the roast controlled you? It’s hot, its heavy, especially a turkey and that mix of balancing a traditional carving fork, maybe a towel, and tongs is quite useless and frankly the risk of the meat hitting the hitting the floor is quite high. Well, you can easily avoid all of that. Fork is destined to be in every kitchen inside and out because of its practical nature and robust construction. If you have ever had a roasted joint on the end of a traditional carving fork you will really appreciate the grip offered by Fork. The designed squat nature of this fork works perfectly in lifting the joint from one location to another. Further when carving, once the joint is on the end of a Prep’d Fork, you are the boss and can carve, move and manage your joint perfectly. You will enjoy its ease of use whether from the Weber, barbeque, oven or stove top. If you have juggled, spilled, or even dropped a piece of meat before, this is for you. Even if you have not, this is still for you as the control you have is second to none. It does not matter if it is the Thanksgiving turkey, roast duck, roast beef or a simple chicken, Fork puts you in control, always. It comes with a 12 month warranty, but this won’t be required as it is made from high precision quality stainless steel (18/8) and has a tough POM handle.

This is the same material used in the butt of an M16, so a little carving duty ought to be a walk in the park. Hand wash for best use and to maintain the quality finish. Comes in a gift box and makes an ideal gift for him, for her, and for any cook, chef or weekend barbeque cook. Our recipe book is free for Fork buyers and adds another $5.95 value to your purchase. Simple to receive via your email id. DC Homewares has pledged to donate $2 from the sale of each Fork to Common Threads, a US based Children’s Charity that teaches children living in under-served communities how to cook.