How to best prepare your skin for Winter and avoid the itches by using moisturizers

Use your cosmetics as a line of defense against cold dry air this winter.


PRLog (Press Release)Nov. 15, 2013SANFORD, N.C.As sure as night follows day, winter is around the corner and it’s time to re-think your daily routine to help your skin through this time.   Winter can be as harsh as summer in some cases, with dry cold air, extremes in temperatures and very drying conditions all around. What with heating, extreme cold, wind, snow and sleet, despite the fact you will wrap up, your skin suffers in winter and gets dry, and eventually can get so dry worse problems can develop that result in redness, itchiness and discomfort. Totally uncomfortable,  but largely preventable.

Here are some tips from DC Homewares on behalf of your skin.

Prevent baths and showers from making completely dry skin worse by using warm water rather than hot and stay under the water or in the tub for a shorter time.

Apply moisturizer quickly after washing which is when your pores are open, receptive and ready to get moisturized.

Although there is no longer much heat in the sunshine, there are definitely UV rays which damage your skin, so don’t forget sunscreen, especially if you are in the snow. We all know snow glare can burn the skin, so keep applying it.

To avoid the dryness to your lips from ultra-dry air, and especially on windy days,  use a nice lip balm.

Gloves will protect your hands from the cold air.  So will a scarf keep to your neck covered and you can snuggle your face into it as well.  But if these get damp, same as any other clothes that might get damp, then you need to get dry as soon as you can.

You should think about using a humidifier to restore some moistness to the air, especially when heating your home.

Cold as you may be, don’t sit too close to the fireplace.

Take in more anti-oxidants, which, are found  in many fruits, legumes (beans) especially berries, nuts, some grains and vegetables, fruit juices, and even some  teas and coffees.

As good as these tips are, and they will help that is for sure, it is time to be more pro-active to avoid the winter discomfort that dry skin can create.

The glowzone range can help you, remarkably well and whilst it may help treat dry skin conditions, it   can also be beneficial in avoiding them altogether as many dry skin conditions are just made worse by winter.  The answer lies in providing moisturizers, nourishment, the right ingredients and applying all of the tips above. It is a battle than can be won, so take heart.

There is no need, for example, to wait until your feet are dry and cracked before enjoying the benefits of glowzone foot balm. To round out the example, this balm contains Shea butter (moisturizer)

tea tree oil to protect and renew. Because it is a balm, as opposed to a light cream, it has a denser consistency and protects more effectively and for longer.  With beeswax and a generous mix of nourishing oils, glowzone foot balm will help protect against dry feet as well as assisting them if they do get damaged.Equally as well, our Shea Body Butter provides your skin’ s moisture needs for up to 24 hours and is enriched with aloe, natural oils, pomegranate and acai berries which are high in anti-oxidants.

Our anti-aging moisturizer provides a fabulous night time regime for after shower and which can be left on all night. In this way your skin is nourished all night long, and ready for the day ahead.

So, there is no need to face winter alone.  You can get into your glowzone, avoid dry skin and have nourished moisturized skin all through winter.  A bit of sensible protection, and some prevention through extra moisturizing will help avoid the winter blues of itchy skin.

Glowzone is available on Amazon, just search Glowzone.

David Bay

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