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We all rush around way too much trying to get through the day. It is a constant theme and there is not enough time take to relax, wind down and simply enjoy the quieter moments.

Wouldn’t you really love to go for a massage regularly to ease away the stress of the day? You might but there is dinner to cook, bills to pay, groceries to collect and then finally, maybe finally…. you might get to grab some “you” time.


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Seriously, we doubt you are going to get dressed again, do your hair and then drive across town for a massage. Tempting as it is, chances are you will just stay home or settle for a hot bath.

Now there is an answer. We produce the very finest quality massage candles for you. Made in the USA, from soy wax and enhanced with pure essential oils, these smoke free candles gently warm to create massage oil that you can apply to yourself or be fully pampered by your partner…. All without having to leave your home, and so you can be pampered whenever you want!

Our massage candle is a natural product, hand poured in the USA from soy bean wax. Lightly scented to give a complete aromatherapy experience, these candles will transform you into that place you need to get to; to unwind; relax and enjoy all of the natural health benefits you can get from de-stressing.

Not only will you feel relaxed, your skin will be beautiful and silky soft, cuticles supple and feet simply gorgeous after using our e-voke Massage candle. If you can get your partner involved, the smooth warm sensations of a back massage can be held in the intimacy of your own home.

For other benefits of soy candles please see our blog.

Day at The Spa

What would you expect from a massage candle called Day at the Spa?  What you will get is a calming and balanced fragrance melt that combines notes of black currant with hints of patchouli, sugar cane and lemongrass . Our Day at the Spa is a great year-round aromatherapy fragrance

Warm Mango & Tangerine

Bring the tropics into your bedroom with fresh, juicy fruit scent  straight from summer! This candle produces an exotic blend of fresh mango and ripe tangerine.  We added some subtle tropical notes of papaya ftp balance it off. fragrance.

Luxurious Lavender

  Imagine a field full of purple lavender, warm suns and you will relax. This is a most calming and relaxing scent

Vibrant Vanilla

Imagine an old fashioned ice cream parlor with the smell of fresh waffle cones being made. Nothing hits the spot quite like creamy vanilla. Smooth and silky with notes of sweet butter, this is one ice cream cone that you will want to melt.

Tropical Paradise

What else could you add to capture the exquisite beauty of the Bird of Paradise flower?   We can say that this is made of a calming tropical blend of  juicy pomegranate, creamy vanilla pods, bursting  strawberries and coconut milk with just a hint of rose petals and soft jasmine.

Sandalwood & Cedar

  This fragrance oil is softly infused with natural essential oils including Cedarwood, Patchouli and Sandalwood. It will take you to the relaxation offered by a sauna with the rich smell of warm wood.  The fusion is softened with softened with subtle notes of violet and jasmine.

Exotic Gardenia

In the midst of the garden, a flower blooms into brilliance. This beautifully blended fragrance will intoxicate your senses! The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top note sweet and green and a floral body intense and rich truly capturing the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower

Baby Powder

We mixed  white cedar, ylang ylang, cypress, and musk to produce a complex fragrance with a universal response – Hey, this smells just like Baby Powder!

Indian Jasmine

If you think of Jasmine fragrance you will often associate it with inner feelings and aspirations. It is intensely floral with a feminine modesty. Enhance your mood with this sense enhancer and aphrodisiac. It is a scent so rich that it is believed to purify the emotions. It has also been known to relieve melancholy. Our jasmine candle has a soothing effect on the inner-self and is fundamental to meditation and contemplation. Jasmine is a favorite, and especially when you burn it in a candle!  Notwithstanding this is a massage Jasmine will fill a room gradually with its intoxicating fragrance.  Jasmine flowers only bloom and release their fragrance under a waxing moon, so light this candle and fall in love!!

Minty Koala

Softly invigorating your senses with our blend of peppermint, patchouli, eucalyptus and cedar wood.   This fragrance oil is infused with just the right blend of essential oils, to clear the head, the senses and provide a much needed nourishing of both.


Imagine soft green ferns with what smells like cannabis notes,  which offers a rich floral medley of gardenia and violet swirling in our fantasy scent.  Add a warm blend of cashmere wood, infuse sensual undertones of musk and golden amber and you have the fantasy world that this scent gently provides.

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These e-voke candles are packed with fragrance, so much so that you can catch a whiff of their scent while they are still in the shipping boxes. Without even being lit this large candle can add fragrance to a room. Once you light it the thick creamy wax turns into an almost syrup like liquid. It’s a little thicker than regular wax when liquefied. When you apply onto your skin it feels makes your skin feel like you’ve rubbed a cross between oil and lotion onto it. It doesn’t completely absorb right away, allowing you spread it out over your skin in a wide area. One small pour of this into the palm of your hand will give you enough oil to apply liberally to a large area. These would be perfect candles for spas, masseuses and anyone else wanting a candle that can be used for massage and aroma therapy combined.

—Angela Streiff

I really enjoyed these candles. I ordered the mango, vanilla and fantasy. They each smelled amazing! The best part of the massage candle was that they didn’t leave a greasy or sticky feeling like so many of the others out there. The wax isn’t over heated or scolding hot. I was able to melt the wax for about 25 minutes and pored it directly onto my hands. I’ve used about half of the mango candle on 5 full body massages and several after shower moisturizing treatments, so its lasting a lot longer than I thought it would. I just went back tonight and ordered 2 additional scents, Lavender, and day at the spa. Its a great price for the product that you receive. Very classy packaging, not overdone. I am very impressed, will be sharing with friends and family for sure!

—Staceys P

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$27.95 $25.95 Select options